Old pictures that I still like

Here´s some shots I like from the archive.

Herring gull-eye.





This is special to me. A Common buzzard just a couple of yards away, not knowing I´m there.


Another personal favorite. A Magpie on a walk. No idea I´m just a couple of meters away watching.


Magpie tease.


Meadow pipit

Meadow pipit


Blackbird in Skanish winter.


Great tit incoming.


Sometimes I take the long way to work.


I´m not a big fan of sunset pictures, but this evening was special.


Young Black-headed gull shot with 1/20 of a second.


Herring gull coming close.


Vervet green monkey shot in Kruger in South Africa 2013.


Morning light!


Small fly on a straw.


Common whitethroat.